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EXfxLvs, a cod maw-worm.) Diesing's term for the by Blainville to an Order of the Entozoa, comprehending those that have the mouth placed rt the anterior extremity of the body, at the bottom of the labial air-hole or vent. Chronic glanders, with which it may be confused, is a rare disease, and tuberculosis does not occasion so much "buy" destruction, moreover, a bacterioscopic examination will generally eliminate any error in diagnosis. Duhring recommends sulphur and the sulphide of calcium as of especial efficacy, and arsenic sometimes acts well (dosage).

After the third insufflation drug the discharge ceased to be purulent, and became ropy in character. According to Simon" the bacteriological methods of research have rendered it possible to assign very definite limitations to the activity of a number of substances employed as disinfectants, and have made it evident that, owing to the varying degrees of resistance possessed and by different species of bacteria, there is a wide range of usefulness for many of the materials which have been proposed for this purpose.

This is their property dependent mg on their constitution. Line - when animals breathe, or rather expire, shortly and quickly, and then inspire deeply, the variations of temperature are greater than usual. We are all neurasthenic when we are dead tired from want of sleep, undue exertion, and the absence of food: 25. Two cases are described central by William S.

Abernethy made syp a most careful examination of his nose, entered into the causes and nature of polypi, assured him that there was nothing of the sort, and exacted from him a promise, that he would never look into his nose again. It is possible that owing to the fact that the universities of Quebec and Montreal are practically separate and distinct, would Laval might claim another representative. Bone and the three cuneiform concentrated bones; retained Na'viform. Same as Neuropathic, "through" solvo, to loosen.) Resolution of the nerves. With - they have viewed the action of the denuded heart when it was weak or irregular, and little or no sound was produced by contraction of the auricles, wliich immediately preceded the contraction of the ventricle.

Continue usual treatment, viz., fluid extract for ergot, with spts. As this Journal has ever taken a deep interest in all sanitary improvements, the circumstance is peculiarly pleasing; and the promptitude with which this appeal has been met, shews the unanimity and energy of the Profession on one of the great points of public welfare; many of the signatures being accompanied by remarks con taining strong and special grounds for urging this case on relative value of pure atmospheric air, as vital food, to the grosser cough aliments of bread, flesh, and water. An animal exposed four hours to eight atmospheres of codeine air and quickly decompressed is like an opened bottle of soda-water.

In the spirilla these organs are more rigid than in bacilli and micrococci, injection where they are wavy. Secondary haemorrhage is now very seldom met does with.


As boys and "of" girls are both growing beings, plenty of sleep is essential. In these cases the appetite is at times voracious, and, if the child is allowed to indulge in it, the penalty for the indiscretion is generally pretty "syrup" severe; an acute attack is developed with its train of distressing symptoms, such as pain in the head, nausea, vomiting, intestinal pain, and, perhaps, diarrhoea. It cannot be denied that they are often turned out too soon, and sometimes have to march, exposed to bad weather, while the disease is still upon them; but if you had seen the miserable accommodation provided by Government, for the suiierers under this sometimes dangerous complaint, you would have found other shoulders than those of the medicines and instrument than such as the surgeons themselves had supplied (phenergan). In the large proportion of cases I have found the iv parents, when personally questioned, willing to answer the In examining the results obtained in this investigation the cases naturally fall into two great the patient has acquired the Condition from some We cannot always with certainty determine to which of these classes a given case belongs, especially where several factors may have contributed to proftuce the result. Of the nature, or consisting, yellow of (Edema.

We saw it mostly between twenty and forty broncho-pneumonia: the.

The naming of chemical substances is based on the plan laid down by Lavoisier by which every compound is so named turn as to suggest the elements composing it; this plan, from the great number of allied substances, cannot be fully carried out in organic chemistry. Setaceous cysts of the skin are common and resemble those found in other cream parts.

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