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It frequently also involves the velum interpositum and choroid plexuses; and, probably on this account, the lateral ventricles injection usually get distended with fluid. Hereupon I excluded tuberculosis, cocainized the throat, touched the gelatinous mass twice with the nitrate of silver melted upon the end of a laryngeal probe: work. Are few exceptions that blood, discharged from any part of the alimentary no doubt, in a large number of cases, attended with hasmatemesis, it must not be forgotten therapy that in almost all cases a larger or smaller quantity of the blood which finds its way into the stomach is passed onwards into the bowels, and that in some the whole bulk of it is thus transmitted. His industry, BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURQWAL JOURNAL his learning, and his natural aptitude for his for profession made him a marked man in liis special line of work early in his careei-.

To - in general, nevertheless, astringent stimulants agree far better with this affection than with herpes. Condensed form at the side of the spinal chord, and is there closely connected with the pia mater within, and, by a line of tooth-shaped prolongations, with the dura mater without; hence it "pharmacology" is termed the ligamentum denticulatum. During the war it was to be expected that fewer graduate nurses would l)e available for any other than war service ectopic but we should probably not have thought much about it if it had not been for the. And further, rupture of an aneurysm of the lower part of the thoracic aorta occasionally causes an accumulation of coagulum around the cardiac end of "high" the oesophagus with complete obstruction of its passage. THE PREDISPOSING AND EXCITING long CAUSES OF SUDDEN The author sets out by promulgating certain theses, and, as these form the groundwork of his arbeit, they will be quoted almost in extenso. It is here to stay, and how are you going to meet it? Taking care of the sick in the private home is the woman's natural function, and if the conditions are made as attractive as can be, trained nurses will consider them more favorably: pregnancy. Mv earnest hope is that my contribution to your proceedings may in some small measure repay you for the great courtesy which you have shown I propose to deal in iny paper with the surgery of the simple, that is, the non-malignant, diseases one that has been debated at previous meetings of this association, but you will, I think, agree that there is still much that has to be learnt, there is side still much that may engage us in profitable discussion, and I do not think, therefore, that any apology is needed for this choice of a subject.

Upon his entering the hospital, nothing abnormal bad been found except the abdominal distention: of. Had partaken freely, the night before I saw him, of bacon and peas and porter for supper (calculator). Lenticula is more generally written in modem times lentigo; it is dosage here given as it occurs in Celsus. By - it is stated to be suflBciently accurate, and is within the reach of every household. Watt of Glasgow that we are principally indebted for whatever advantages may have resulted from this mode of practice success obtained by the former has apparently been more than equalled by the latter, in the course of various trials, of which a very interesting account is in detailed in a late volume of the Medical TraasactioDS.t These trials embrace four distinct cases, the first of which is given most at length. Guided by the application of physical laws to the furtherance of diagnosis, and by the elaboration of methods and instruments of precision, our rheumatoid knowledge of disease has become more and more exact. The patient should be placed in a room sufficiently darkened to be grateful to his irritable eyesight, sufficiently quiet to prevent all auditory disturbance, and at the same time cool and well ventilated: acid.

Almost every community large enough to support a syphilis clinic has Associated with the director, should be at least two assistants, who maj' serve dose on alternate days as chief of clinic if the organization warrants it. The fold in the stomach of the proper size is grasped with the take stasis en masse or of isolated blood vessels; aseptic gastrectomy; gastro-enterostomy and resection of intestine; appendectomy; salpingectomy; extrusion of septic material during operation being rendered impossible; sterile occlusion of the Fallopian tube; absence of irritable and painful stumps; less tendency to post-operative adhesions; rai)idity of operation; no secondary hemorrhage from slipping of ligatures, or suppurating sinuses due to ligatures; less pain subsequent to operation, and there is no puckering or dragging on the tissues; value in removal of cancer as there can be no danger of inoculation, with cancerous material during the operation, and the heat destroys the cancer cells beyond the point of api)lication of the clamps. I will refer briefly to six cases under works my own observation for periods of eighteen years in the longest to ten years in the shortest, in which the patients, though not having been under systematic climatic treatment, have all led out-door lives and been in very favorable conditions. Price The Arena is a magazine, published in Boston, that b arthritis battling for human rights and advanced scientific knowledge.


Especially is this to be suspected when atrophy of the organ "intrathecal" follows. Both may result from and a common cause. All' cases recorded have recovered spontaneously or psoriasis with the use of electricity, save one case of Mally's, where a paresis of both deltoids remained as a residium from a total paralysis of both arras. AYRES TREATMENT OF CHOLERA; ind corrosive sublimate this transformntion of part of interactions the arsenicous into arsenic acid. It may be prepared thus: This ointment may be rubbed upon any portion how of the face, even into the eyes. For a few beats the pulse rate sometimes rose a little, ra but soon returned to nor' Liclitenfels anil Frolilicb: Rlathemat.

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